Investor Relations

Hexatronic is an innovative technology group, specializing in fiber communications. We provide products and solutions for the fiber optic network and together, our five independent, entrepreneurial companies offer a full range of passive infrastructure. We combine our large corporate stability and resources with small company flexibility and speed.

We mainly sell our products within Scandinavia, but we also have international customers and networks in most parts of the world. Our customers are companies within the telecommunications industry such as communications and telecom suppliers, operators and network owners.

The market for fiber optic broadband products is and will remain a growing market far into the future. The ever increasing need for broadband communications will drive the underlying market for many years to come. The expansion of 4G networks provides further market growth in the coming years, and the increased demand for equipment and products for FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) and other broadband solutions, continues to be our focus.

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